About Us

Who We Are: Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to be a world-class and world-renowned center for competitive fencing in Southeast Asia.  Our vision is to successfully develop one of the finest fencing programs for athletes of all levels and ages and to produce world-class champions in fencing.


In particular, we see five core values that we aim to impart our students, values that we believe would be critical to developing future generations of smart, tough, and strong individuals.


Fearlessness – Dare to dream and dare to fight to reach your goals.

Intelligence – Find the most efficient and smart ways to tackle problems.

Resilience – Use failures as stepping stones.

Sportsmanship – Compete with honor and integrity.

Tenacity – Train hard, work hard, persevering to attain success.


It is no coincidence that the values spell FIRST since it is part of the nature of Fencing to be heavily focused on competition and sparring. We believe that fencing is a unique sport that can be used as a tool to teach and train our youth to embrace these values and through them, teach them to be smart, tough, and physically fit. Indeed, win or lose at the sport, our #1 goal is teach our fencers to be well-rounded, to become “Winners for Life”.